We home educated two of our four children at secondary level for several years

Erica left regular school at the end of year 7 and was home educated for three years after which she studied floristry at Box Hill TAFE and worked with Select Flowers and Bed of Roses. She has since managed a Rockmans store in Canberra and is currently a store manager with Prouds Jewellers in Victoria.

Christian left regular school at the end of year 3 and was home educated for seven years. He returned to school for year 12 and studied Arts at Deakin University Burwood campus.

We took a fairly formal but yet flexible approach to home education. I gathered teaching materials from many sources - book shops, libraries, Op shops, garage sales and fetes and wrote some units myself.
We used Distance Education Centre Victoria for part of the time and also had contact with mentors/tutors.
Christian received a grant from Mensa under the terms of the Bull Bequest which covered the cost of some of the materials we used and also enabled him to have some sessions with Education consultant Lynne Mackenzie-Sykes and to participate in online courses with the Virtual School for the Gifted

We found membership of Home Education Network very helpful and also were members of a local Christian homeschooling support group which held sports days and excursions.
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WIGHT, Susan and FREITAG, Jo   Home educating gifted children  June 2007
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